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For Real Estate Agents
Together We Keep Your Clients Happy And On Your Rent Roll

Let’s face it. The short-term rental (STR) market has been gaining momentum over the last decade and the arrival of Airbnb has been a complete game-changer.


It's not uncommon to have landlords who are curious about what it would be like to list their property on Airbnb and other similar platforms. Now is the time to provide your clients with a new and exciting way to earn rental returns while continuing to receive your property management income.

Simply partner with Vaquay as the Short-Term Rental Property Management arm for your clients. 

The benefits to you?


  • Ability to retain clients that may otherwise be considering the STR market

  • Hassle-free solutions giving your agency a great reputation

  • Day-to-day management taken care of by us

  • Ability to market your agency as an STR specialist to potential clients

Talk to us today about how Vaquay​ can enhance your service offerings.

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