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Staging and Styling

The Perfect Way To Supercharge Your Space

Using Secret Design Strategies For Consistent Bookings

As property managers, Vaquay’s aim is to bring a space to the market that people wait in line to book!

We do this by optimizing every step of the process from beginning to end. One of the most crucial, but often overlooked and undervalued steps, is the interior design strategy. Long gone are the days of low competition, air mattresses in lounge-rooms and a ‘that will do’ attitude. Now, more than ever, future potential guests are demanding an experience that will surprise and delight them rather than being surrounded by items and furniture that feel like an afterthought. The result – glowing reviews, raving fans that refer others to us and guests that return time and time again.

We’re constantly researching guest expectations and vacation behaviour. Considering how your guests use your space gives you the biggest insight into how you can give them exactly what they want. Despite the slight differences in travellers, there are some key elements that make one stay superior to another. Vaquay properties are making waves by providing a high-quality experience for the more discerning guest. We look forward to working with hosts that appreciate what’s required in order to achieve this.

We have created a formula that gives your property the best chance of becoming a great performer in the short-term rental market. We are heavily focused on expertly crafting a ‘first impression WOW factor’ to give guests an unforgettable experience from beginning to end. This process starts from the very first time your guest is compelled to click on your listing and take a closer look. Coupled with our behind-the-scenes proprietary management strategies including listing and pricing to promote healthy occupancy rates and margins, you will enjoy being the owner of a thriving mini-hotel. Whether your existing space needs a spruce or end-to-end overhaul, we will collaborate to transform your space into accommodation excellence.

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